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The Two Sexes delights readers

The Two Sexes infuriates publishers

A reader wrote about the unpublished book:

« The book is the best what I've read on the topic of men and feminism so far, and I'll use all my possibilities to mention it » (e-mail Hanenkamp, 6.8.1998)

More letters sent by grateful readers of our books.
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The first rejections of publishers:

One can't proof feminism wrong, one can only extend feminism. (Mrs. Runge, responsible for non-fiction, Beltz - Publishers, reply to letter offering « Les deux Sexes », 7.10.1998, 12:07, book fair Frankfurt)

Dear Sir xy,

your offer of publishing a book against feminism in our house we already rejected on 19.12.1997 and on 12.03.1998. Your third offer we also reject. We won't change our opinion in the future either.(dtv, 09.09.1998, non-fiction)

The publishers were even angry to get three different books on the topic. That means: Whatever the author will write in future, we won't accept and probably not even read (same holds for other publishers). The effort is pointless. Whether the books and arguments are important, of a new kind, good doesn't matter - if it's critique of feminism it gets no chance. It is rejected and withheld as others since decades. Feminism has broken a civilization tolerant up to self-destruction and has built a totalitarian dictatorship of opinion. Their propaganda has twisted facts into the contrary. Researches in this site and the mentioned books show, that such censoring and withholding of information has been done systematically since more than a decade. These examples are harmless, as publishers carefully avoid writing or telling me embarrassing reasons. What Deichmohle collected over more than a decade reveals more.

Already years ago the main adviser of Ullstein rejected a script in my hands unseen grufflily, making women around turning their head and stare. My objection, the company would have published the book of Felix Stern on the same topic, he replied indignant: “But that was helpless..!” A real critique, which is not helpless, may not arise.

You again already! ”, replied the adviser of Aarachne Publishers my greeting on my yearly only visit and try during the book fair in Frankfurt. The new book is rejected on the spot unread and unseen. “I can't imagine that it might be interesting for us.”, he knows by looking at the person.(book fair Frankfurt, 1998)

This way a serious critique of feminism never reaches the public (an adequate audience). It's only result is warning feminists years or decades ahead so they can comfortably hedge and prepare themselves for dismissing new arguments. In these circumstances any critique is contraproductive (*).At most feminist stereotypes are unintentionally strengthend.

(*) has contrary, harmful effect

The Two Sexes - Les deux Sexes

Overdue! Waited for!

diskette, 723 pages, DM 38.- (19 Euro) ISBN3-00-003198-7 (VLB CD-ROM)

723 hot pages

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Enthusiastic and thankingletters from readers.

Some quotations which provefeminist censoring of our books and researches.

More about feministcensorship in general.

Excerpts from silentlycensored book against feminism

More excerpts from bannedbooks.

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