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decades ago [late 1960s], S Goldberg of NYU scored an early 'Guinness Book' record - the greatest total (69) of publishers to have rejected a book which did however finally get published. His scholarly survey of findings from 1400 human societies ... is routinely blacked out by feminist "scholar´s". So, perhaps even more thoroughly, is the admittedly difficult but surely central 1982 book Gender by Ivan Illich. The "excuse" that those authors are men can hardly be claimed for Goldberg´s successor... Her book "Brain Sex" brings up to date the picture which Goldberg had so much trouble publishing in the late 1960s... By the time reviews reached us, the book could not be bought.

Unfortunately we now have to claim the Guinness record of rejection for the books offered on our site: several hundreds of times. (books by Deichmohle)

For more than a decade serious critique of feminism ... and ... my own books are lost in ‰the zone of death, the eternal ice of quiet rejection”. This is more than a mere attempt at censorship. What was once a wide majority, moderate and much more reasonable, has fallen completely silent.
«Because in 85% of cases the orders of the booksellers are made by female traders, we unfortunately see no possibility of considering to publish your work» ...
«Subject: The corrosive Macho-reading, which I may send back.» ...
«Good day. am currently responsible for dispatches and by accident read a little of your text. It makes you puke! ... Antipatriarchal Greetings Mummy (from dispatch)»...
«We have feminist books ("women"-books). I don´t think it will fit into our list... Our adviser-ess is feminist.»

Prone to Violence, thoroughly boycotted and totally censored by the feminists, is accessible now on the Internet ... If you should happen to find a copy, hang on to it. It is a rarity and possibly worth quite a bit now.

Even though it´s hard to believe - such rarity can be proven for a similar research published by well-known authors Lundberg/Farnham 50 years back in the USA! The other books of Lundberg are present in many libraries and some still in print. Only the book provoking feminists you hardly find anywhere in the world! I can´t tell more because I haven´t seen or read it myself. Why are critical books rare (or don´t exist at all)?

Steinmetz received verbal threats and anonymous phone calls from radical women´s groups threatening to harm her children after she published "The Battered Husband Syndrome" in 1978.

THE FEMINIST DICTATORSHIP ... The publisher feared feminist backlash and would not print the submitted version. (Karen Woudstra)

books by those who criticize feminism or who write favorably about men seem to be given either highly negative reviews (Christina Hoff Sommers´ Who Stole Feminism) or not reviewed at all (Jack Kammer´s Good Will Toward Men, and ... for example.)

Here are the results of the research I conducted in my area concerning the availability of Who Stole Feminism and The Myth of Male Power ... As you can see I found one copy of each in the entire Tidewater area which means there are none now... I have just finished calling (x number) of your stores in my area and discovered to my disappointment, that not one of them carried either [of them]”

The visibility and availability of books considered to be too critical are impeded. That´s only half of the story. Books at least published often contain feminist opinions disagreeing with mainstream feminism. Mostly the ideology itself and its founding principles won´t be questioned (or it might not be published at all). The name Who Stole Feminism denotes such a feminist position. This and some other books mentioned were listed in feminist book lists or as true feminist books on the internet.

School & University:

No other word describes the current feminist movement like mind control. From a dissident of feminism. (Yet still from within a somewhat feminist position.)

There´s an analogy here with antifeminists who are excluded from discussions

The media boycott of news about the scientific studies is part of the problem... Many groups actively try to suppress coverage of the issue.

For analysis and more information read our books! The most important questions are not researched at all.


The Sexual Politics of Meat
Criticism, which she refers to as “textual violation,” is compared to rape (for feminist writers), or lynching (for black women writers). “A vegetarian writer may express feelings about textual violation by referring to images of butchered animals and raising the issue of dismemberment.”

But if Carol must contend with articles such as this one, written presumably by men in bloody aprons, she has at least freed herself of the weight of facts.

As people sabotaging critique won´t offer me proofs for what they are doing, it´s difficult to proof.

I´m sorry everyone, I can not celebrate the loss of anyone´s freedom of speech, whether deserved or not... I would add in the Nazi type tactics (), such as researching this guy John and offering a money reward.” (from, an unmoderated mail list)

Apparently a money reward was offered to shut the “fathers´ manifesto” site of John Knight. As I didn´t get information from the source, I can´t offer better information which proof the incident. Definitely that site was shut down. A feminist source afterwards mentioned that it had temporarily disappeared altogether:

For more information, contact the Clearinghouse Against Fathers´ Rights, National Organization for Women...
Manifesto´s site is no longer on the Internet

They are proud on political censorship and to fight against fathers´ rights!


In order to achieve the unisex utopia which they believe is their right, feminists demand increasing levels of government intervention and control... Since the implementation of feminist policies requires a high degree of thought control, political indoctrination... Euphemistic terminology such as "non-sexist guidelines" imposed on textbooks and curricula conceals a massive campaign of thought control and censorship to eliminate the traditional family and traditional values. "Indeed the dismantling of sex roles has virtually superseded the transmission of information as the aim of the classroom"2 (2. Levin, Michael: "Feminism & Thought Control", Commentary, June 1982)

«“The Lace Curtain” denotes “the reluctance, failure and outright refusal of many editors, reporters, government officials and other information gatekeepers to acknowledge ideas and data that contradict or challenge prevailing orthodoxies about sexual politics and gender issues.”»

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