Cross References Page


 Alina says :: This page is 3 or 4 years old. Its vain to try to cross reference the NET now you have so good search machines available. So I maintain it but I do disable all URLs and these adresses will just give you infos to type words in Hotbot for instance, I do recommand a search with a 50 returns tag.

This page stress out the changing and chaotic nature of the WEB. The greatest part of URLs did change and/or need to be updated. I do not think there is actually possible to keep it up-to-date, but by using the search engines with some keywords it should be possible to correct or simply find on the fly the various pages that refer to our general topic, the Woman as an cosmic and terrestrian Entity. Although thoses words may demonstrate too much emphasis this is the real goal of the Alina's project and we will be working to put some order in this unavoidable Chaos.


  A very important chapter. I will try to gather all Key_Words usefull for our topic. Lets say Origin, Mythology, Cult, Godess. So When I look ion search engines I can find incredible amount of data about women, dominance etc. About phulosophy too and others disciplines that to often appear as irrelevant.


Listen :
You are the melting man / And as you melt You are beheaded / Handcuffed in lace, blood and sperm Swimming in poison / Gasping in the fragrance Sweat carves a screenplay / Of Discipline and Devotion (found on the Net)

The Rest of this page has been cut of to avoid any copyright conflict. The above is unchanged to the original which has been deleted or moved to an unknown place since I put and checked the link.