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Feminist Misinformation on Domestic Violence

“False Allegations” A useful index from a help team offering more information and help.

Do you need help? Have a look at our help index.

An index: “found that wives were *more* violent than husbands. [Suzanne] Steinmetz later left the field after alleging that infuriated feminists had made death threats against her children, it's an ugly little crowd you run with”

We were also seriously misinformed... Abuse shelter advocates and feminists have severely distorted the picture and deliberately produce fraudulent statistics and dis-information... Women usually initiate spousal violence episodes (they hit first), and women hit more frequently, as well as using weapons thre times more often then men... Women commit most child murders and 64 % of their victims are male children.

« SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 95 scholarly investigations, 79 empirical studies and 16 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 60,000. » (California State University)

„Latest Research Findings”

“My intention is to make difficult-to-find and poorly-known material available more broadly. -- David Throop”

“These men lost their lives to domestic violence five times more frequently than white women, and almost twice as often as black women.”

Same argument from a position close to feminism: “A good example of this problem is when Courtney Love is accused of attacking her fans and musicians and the media finds it humorous.”

Violent Women - From US Dept of Justice (punished less and otherstatistic)

“Gender justice- ... a kind of Ku-Klux-Klan-justice”demonstrates that female culprits are rarely convicted and punished less

“How Indiviual Women Are Given More Power to Kill ...” Quotations and informations

They claim: “Approximately one in six boys is sexually abused befor age 16 ... sexual abuse by mothers” We might be tired of accusations of any sex with the help of statistics, but as feminists have unfortunately started a successful smear campaign which has eroded the principles of justice, their claims have to be proven wrong.

Domestic Violence - Another Perspective - Women as Batterers Even if critical only to some extent they have a lot of information.

More links on different topics from a dissident feminist.

Another collection

A tiny index from a campus.

“In fact, only 48 of the 3,369 inmates on death row across the nation are female. Yet women make up one of every eight people arrested for murder. Even in the chamber of feath, it seems, sexism is quite alive.” Protection has been interpreted as sexism - by feminists.

* Women initiate most incidents of domestic violence.
* Women commit most child abuse and most elder abuse...
We think it is important to note that there have been the same kind of studies done in many countries. There is cross cultural verification that women are more violent than men in domestic settings.

There are dozens of other studies that reveal similar findings. Women are 3 times more likely than men to use weapons in domestic violence.

Miss Mann presents as a "typical example" of women who kill a30-year-old woman "who killed her 31-year-old spouse in a domestic argument in which the victim was drunk. She shot him in the BACK of the head six times with his .38 pistol, and claimed self-defense." The court apparently accepted the woman's argument, for "the case was dismissed."

In a 1992 book, sociologist Claire Renzetti found that 47% of lesbian couples studied had experienced violent episodes...

[about married women:] This is about .001 % of the adult female population. 416,000 women were abused by their boyfriends or ex-husbands, about .005 % of women.

Shelters used in war on men, expert claims By KAREN UNLAND JOURNALSTAFF WRITER, Edmonton (appeared in the Edmonton Journal 1998 09 29)
Women's shelters have become bunkers in a war against men, says a lecturer on family violence. Feminists have "hijacked the whole subject

A Walnut Hills lawyer was sentenced to one year in prison Tuesday for filing a false affidavit that resulted in the arrest of an innocent man... that included false charges of domestic violence...
Submitter's note: In all likelihood, the practice for which Ms. H.-A. was convicted has occurred thousands of times here in the U.S.; she was a rare one who got caught.

2. Women initiate most incidents of spousal violence.
3. Women commit most child abuse and most elder abuse.
4. Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely

For this and other topics holds: Rather the opposite of feminist mud campaigns is true, but the feminists achieved their goals. The full extent of absurdity and destructive consequences can't be shown in this material collection. See our books!

Warnings of serial false accusers can be read and issued here. A suggestion: Though it is difficult to collect material, it might be nice to have material verifying reported incidents.

We still hear about Jack the Ripper. He killed five prostitutes. We *don't* hear about:
**Jane Toppan: «This is my ambition: to have killed more people, more helpless people, than any man or woman has ever killed.» She was convicted of poisening nearly 100 patients in a Connectitut nursing home shortly after Jack the Ripper killed five prostitutes in London.
**Belle Gunness, who fled Chicago in1908 after killing forty men and four children

Males are statistically by the far greater percentage of victims of violence in general in our society.
When a man went crazy and killed female engineering students in Montreal «the incident made headlines around the world as an example of women-hating. The Canadian Government spent millions re-educating men in their attitudes towards women. About the same time, a Chicago women (Laurie Dann) shot five elementary school boys, poisened food at two fraternities, burned two other boys in their basement, shot her own son, and justified her murder of an eight-year-old boy by claiming he was a rapist. Not a single headline or article summary in the inde to the Chicago Tribune pointed out that every person killed or wounded by the Chicago woman was a boy. No government spent millions reeducating women in their attitudes toward men» (Myth of Male Power)

Other researches show, that whereas men fought against other men, but protected wives, women and children, female violence is much more often against men. Without bogus most victims were men in peace and war. That is a topic not even regarded in statistics.

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