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Injustice: Family Court System

There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System (Judge Brian Lindsay, Retired Supreme Court Judge, New York)

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Accounts frozen, money taken ...
The department sends a computer tape with the names and Social Security numbers of delinquent parents to large multistate banks and brokerages, which in turn search their records to find a match...
If the contents of the account holds less than what the parents owe, the state can take everything.

Slavery returning to Maryland?
In the continual game of one-upsmanship between states trying to show who is toughest on child support default, Maryland legislators are trying for the prize with something new: forced labor... Maryland would then see something it has not seen for nearly 140 years: involuntary servitude for thousands of black (and white) men who have not been convicted of any crime. What would Abraham Lincoln say?

Fairfax has been doing this since 1998, says the story. The idea is to shame fathers or, as the story carefully says, parents, into paying. A sticker will be put on the cars, saying, «This vehicle has been seized by the sheriff for unpaid child support...
And now we have the appropriation of the police to the purposes of political pressure groups. The crusade, which it is, against delinquent fathers is a radical-feminist hobby horse... That's what the boot program transparently is: copy being made subservient to militant feminism... Now, suddenly, debtors disliked by a special interest are to be singled out for humiliation. »

because I am a second wife, having had to go to food banks and charities because my husband's children were getting $1050 per mo thile mine were getting none, this is real pet-peave of mine, and there are international movements underway to stop this indentured servitude, deptor's prison, and involuntary servitude just so you can meet your political goals.

«VOTE MALE 2000!
“Where do you stand on the question of reforming divorce laws to give men equal treatment in divorce court?”

«A fair deal for men»

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