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The following extracts are a “Quick and dirty” translation of the text from a book on feminism. If anybody has an interest and ability in providing translation or has publishing information, this would be appreciated. Please report every sentence which is not good understandable English. Thank you!

(C) Jan Deichmohle

The feminist propagation of hate against men

They even advocate violence, including murder

The quotes cited below are a few examples taken from a variety of contemporary literary sources. They include both feminist literature, but more importantly, generally available popular titles, newspaper articles and media images, advocating subtle and overt violence against men or reporting about such sources. Taken individually they may be seen as aberrant and insignificant personal pathological beliefs, but taken as a cultural whole, they create a powerful impression of a vast social propaganda designed to denigrate male identity and cultural importance. Also it destroys the relations of the sexes and all values and connecting abilities of society, nature and culture. As even Newton's physics was considered “antifeminist” by some feminists, I carefully avoided to start with theory, analysis or comment in the introductory chapters of books or internet pages. First let the quotations prove the necessity of critique. Afterwards the analysis will begin and prove wrong feminist ideology down to its roots.

Feminists talk of “violence by language”, which would be “a method to wield power”. (magazine ‘Emma’) One result is feminist control of speech. You may not talk naturally but have to follow their ideological prescriptions. Yet the only real examples for linguistic violence are given by feminist sources, by the quoted paper itself.

{ “‘Vulnerability to stress’ by ‘distorted roles’ is extirpating the strong sex [i.e. male] as if by a disease. 20% of all men aged 20 to 24 are alcoholics, 80% of all drug addicts and 90% of all AIDS deaths are male. 75% of all men aged 45 to 54 are overweight. Twice as many men as women die of lung cancer. Three times as many wiped out by car accidents. Four times as many kill themselves. Soon they'll be extinct. Did anybody here say, ‘a pity’?” } (Emma magazine January/February 1996, p. 10)

{ “Question: What does a woman do if she sees a man running zigzag through her garden? Answer: continue shooting!” } (Emma magazine, female joke, January/February 1996)

{ Never again she needs to apologize to her husband for drinking too much champagne, as he died on a seaside holiday four years back. } (Emma May/June 1996, p. 96)

Verbal poisoning of society included systematically referring to the male organ as a ‘poison syringe’, as used by the leading feminist Alice Schwarzer.

A feminist calendar marked as a commemoration day the double murder by a farm woman of her husband and another man. ([A4], p. 240)

{ The ´Team of Social Democratic Women' (ASF) printed in the party newspaper a drawing of a booted and spurred woman flourishing a whip, along with the balloon: ´hit hard, girls!' } ([G1], p. 63-64)

If any criticism is heard of feminism, the feminist community immediately interprets this to be a form of violence. The same holds if somebody has a different opinion. They deem it ´structural' violence if reality is not subdued to the dictatorship of their doctrine. They do not even tolerate jokes or irony if they assume a contrary tendency. This is topic of feminist protest and books. But they consider themselves to be humorous when bashing self-invented opponents, sometimes even in violent language.

Empowerment to violence

The magazine { Stern } headlines { “Courageous women - female writers dominate the book autumn.” }

What ´dominance' and ´courage' actually mean, the cited glossing commentary suggests. Though the column in a popular weekly magazine has a satirical undertone (and eventually intention), it is revealing. Such things are usually not mentioned.

{ Of men and other demons } { Women, who batter. Men, take cover }

Finally the column explains:

{ “Dead man - good man?”

“It's getting autumn why

if you're a man you die”

This seems to be the central message of many female writers of the country. “Only a dead man is a good man”, states Gaby Hauptmann. Ingrid Nöll wants to bury the guys under front porch tiles. Uta-Maria Heim, Elfie Dorelly and Amelie Fried are also picking at them. But unfortunately even we women don't have a reason to laugh... dismay, upset, aggression as far as the tear-shedding eye can look. Though wailing associations already exist. If men have to be killed, what about laughing them to death? } (Fanny M, Stern magazine, 26.9.1996, p. 115)

Should the undead males among the readers join the deadly laughter? With much effort men have for eons protected wives and women. They have risked and sacrificed their lives. In this context it is truly unthinkable what new attitudes feminists have promoted.

{ I don't imagine a town without men. (*) ... the potbellied boors helplessly surrender to the foreign words, gestures and looks of women... One false joke and they are done for } (Nölle- Fischer, Karin { editor of a book collecting essays and phantasies }: Future, does it exist?) (*) some others do

The internet magazine pl@net mentions in a title story a poster with an oblique reference. Purposely I avoid commenting at this moment. Read yourself first.

{ unMANned future poster in illuminated ad-boxes at u-train stations “the future is unmanned } (pl@net 2/1997, articel about “cyber feminists”, p. 22)

{ Again the heroine acts as anarcho-cyber-terrorist ... “Especially girls of teen age need a positive counter example”, states Julianne P. } (pl@net, 2/1997, p. 23)

Male-hating as ´positive' example?

{ We want you, if you want revenge... By the way, if you are rich, you might give us a cheque. We also take cash oder family jewels. See you later. The Lesbian Avengers. } (Emma May/June 1995, p. 87)

Purchasable Storm Troop-eress ...

Daily television and cinema program are overloading people with permanent onesided feminist propaganda. Now an extreme example, which should not be omitted however.

{ I shot Andy Warhol. That she had achieved dubious fame two decades back by shooting at Pop-art-painter Andy Warhol; that she had written a tract on war of sexes, which radical fighters for women's rights adore like a cult by now - who did care much? ... Manically she was pursuing her feministic ideas, wrote ... a manifest about exterminating men. Everything, absolutely everything is viewed in feminist view... The actress is also reason enough to visit the movie... } (program prospect of Berger cinema Frankfurt, No. 146, 1997)

Manifest adored like a cult.

{ ... struck the feeble-minded milling crowd of men with that much stupidity. I rely on mother nature, that she knows exactly what she does, when she sends the whole trash (*) with impact to the Orcus soon. (**) } (letter of reader-ess, Spiegel No. 32/1993, p. 10)

(*) the word closest to the original was "mesentery" meaning men

(**) Orcus: realm of death

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