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More excerpts from censored books

The following are excerpts from silently censored books and researches, critiques of feminism. Purposely some new concepts are cited. The emphasis was not on already known facts. Problems of feminist laws, politics, so-called-science, feminist “development”-“aid”, fatherless children, fathers etc. are treated in chapters not quoted here. The following are parts from different chapters with many quotations, to get an insight into the material. Purposely as well the book as this internet site didn't start with a systematic analysis of feminist mistakes or a theory. In the beginning I even avoid commenting. Such an approach would be too vulnerable. Every objective theory in science related to the topic has been rejected or considered “patriarchal” by feminists, whose basic principles of “science” are subjectivity and partisanship. (See our books!) Not to be dismissed unread, books and internet pages start with citing feminist sources and facts proving that absurd and bad things are going on. Having shown this the systematic analysis begins.

We need a professional translator and publisher for our researches and books. Please report every sentence which is not good understandable English. Thank you!

As quotations are a proof, I did not dare to change them. Often the English way of putting things is different. The sources cited play with fashionable, short-lived slang.

(C) Jan Deichmohle

Some excerpts from research on feminism

Defamation - men bashing

{Men have a quirk. They can't even...} (CD-Rom review in journal Frankfurt 4/1997)

{Men and other catastrophes} (normal book title, critique not allowed)

{First the revenge, than the fun} (book title, Eva Heller)


{idea: men tax} (Emma Nov./Dec. 1996)


{Each man is a potential ... According to script it could hence been everyone ... This absolutely political correct project...} (Taz, 11.2.1997)

{They are related one another and go by the same name of C.C. On top of that they have drowned their men only out of discontent.} (14.2.1997, N3, 2:15, journal Frankfurt 4/1997)

My question: Who pays their men tax after they are drowned?

{“The purpose is an instruction for correct revenge. These are broadcastings of life aid”, say the writresses Bernstein and Kreis. “The way of revenge is very female - very enigmatic and very mean.” After her her colleaguesses ... move up to the war of sexes} (Tagesspiegel, 26.3.1997)

Murdering and threatening men as “life aid”!


{terror ... The content is too commonplace [banal], the war of sexes too violent... and his acting as scoundrel [villain] as predictable as daily sunrise... the spectator already knows, there will be a crack-ess ... the actors defy courageously the simplicity, which the script prescribes, but all resembles a hollow nut.} (FR, 10.4.1997)

Is tricky poisoning and defamation better?! About the main problem they won't even talk. By the way, men fought against men only, to protect women. Male activity was for women. Feminist fighting is against men, family, culture - is utmost perversion.

{Who thinks, the topic of the above movie is shaking him too much, should watch the three episods of “women revenge more easily”. Today Ruth K. may do [fry] nice malices.} (journal Frankfurt 7/1997, p. 108)

against men it's “nice”


{Men get it in the neck “women murder more easily” [new series] ... Thorsten N. produces women-friendly as rarely in German television} (FR 26.3.1997)

If revenge and murder are women-friendly - no more questions.


Who believes this would affect only a small pathological minority, is mistaken about the effect of continuous ideological propaganda over decades.

«Fridge more useful than men

An overwhelming majority of British women believe a refrigerator is more useful than the man in their lives, according to a survey ... A massive 87 per cent ... reckoned their fridge was more indispensable than their partner.» (The Deccan Herald, 16.8.1997)


{Arabella Kiesbauer, PRO 7: “All men are pigs [swines].” [topic of talk show] (Do.,23.5.[96])} (Hör Zu 20/1996, p. 125)

{Men are ignorant. This species, as every woman knows, is egoistic, boring and low-brow... Currently at least it doesn't look, as if the post-emancipated power-woman would intend to renounce these desolate monsters consequently.} (journal Frankfurt, 8/1997, copying from Der Spiegel)

The observant reader may extent this list daily. Within a few days he can fill pages with continuous feminist extreme defamation.

{A big part of the information, which [already in the early seventies] floods the market, either raises the impression of lesbian pornography or resembles in construction overpoweringly the technics used in the Third Reich to generate resentments towards certain parts of the population by manipulating their feelings} (Esther Vilar, p. 387, 1971)

Resentiments toward men have been created purposefully. Mere telling such facts or criticizing the responsible ideology is taboo, considered as {indescribable cheek}, even by manipulated men. A propaganda campaign of this extend and that openly aggressive in all medias against a part of the population has never existed before. As with all ideologies pursueing "minorities" in dark times, everywhere gloomy machinations are irrationally supposed. Our world, technics, even the central computer, everything is irrationally supposed as threatening 'patriarchy'.

{unMANned future

Big Daddy mainframe, the gloomy heart of patriarchy, remains always dominant ...} (pl@net 2/1997, p. 23)

{“We are the saboteurs of Big Daddy mainframe, the vagina as direct connection to matrix, terminatoresses of moral code, mercenaresses of slime”} (loc.cit.)

On the fictitious 'enemy' war is waged up to marriage and friendship.

{Today there are almost everywhere war-schools for women. Only they are named differently. They are called self-experience- and therapy- groups, esoteric rounds. Or just women groups... and develop to military academies fighting against men.} (Joan Bitterman, p. 13)

[Unfortunately here we had to retranslate the translation. Without publishing house or support we couldn't afford to buy the original.]

{They are acting well-considered. They plan the conflict, train it in role games within their groups, learn everything about their enemy / partner / man... And none of the men notices, has any idea that “... everything what he says or does will be used against him”. The questioned men did not even believe, that this is true. They are confident, that it was “often just a misunderstanding”, they simply refuse to believe in an unspoken declaration of war, “can't imagine”, to be fought.} ([JB], Joan Bitterman, p. 181)

Same holds for international feminism.

These groups

{strengthened her ´in busting [destroying] him finally'} ([JB], p. 57)

{And nevertheless they meet again and again in groups and circles, noticing self-ironically that “it's almost as an addiction”.} ([JB], p. 84)


Now some excerpts of chapters showing that the basic and founding principles of feminism are disastrously wrong.

Destruction of culture, relations and self

After the feminism we belong from childhood on to a chaos, in which we can't rely on others, especially not strangers, boys not on girls and vice versa. The whole framework is broken, which was based on complementing of sexes. We are isolated into egos, whose interests collide, which no structure makes matching and no connection calms when not alike. This programmed collision aroused even enmity. For everything we must struggle, fight, try arduously, for our own self, its acceptance [appreciation]. (Which is hardly obtainable, because {sometime men come crawled along anyway} - Shere Hite, quoted in the book.)

{“Daily life makes many juveniles sick. It has become more difficult to grow adult, especially because the family structures are dissolving more and more”, explains the social educationalist...} (Höchster Kreisblatt, 8.7.1996)

Juveniles obtain no basics of life as identity from nature and culture any more, have to struggle for everything arduously.

{Shame has gone!} (Feminist battle call 197x - in the seventies)

{In our time the thresholds of shame are sinking [falling], speechlessness grows. Because most rules .. and values .. are learned by shame, a central mechanism in the process of civilizing is hit. Instead in the stream of individualization socially atomized [isolated] humans are drifting, prone to crisis of sense, addicted to distracting experiences, but only capable of superficial relationships.} (Spiegel 3/1996, 15.1.1996)

Shame has gone. The language culture is destroyed. [For the analogy of language and culture see {Les deux Sexes}, another censored book, silently censored by not printing and hiding.] Instead of discovering respect and care, learning to be responsible from completing love and activities for each other, the struggle [fight] for survival in gender neutral barbarism requires to manage with {absolute capriciousness of the ego}. Even fun is rather destructive and separating than lovingly.

{Time has come for creative war of sexes. Finally there are enough conflicts} because {men and women just are not destined for each other and the ideal of luck is principally not realizable with the other sex ... and hopeless strive [effort] for harmony} ([FB], p. 129-130)

May the reader not condemn the writer as tasteless, for what he is obliged to cite.

{They are “maßlos” [excessive, boundless, outrageous, immoderate], because they have nothing left to loose.} (loc.cit.)

Damages are profoundly destructive, not 'creative'. They are freed from everything, inconsiderate, because “they have nothing left to loose”.

{The struggle for survival... proliferates without invented obstacles. Absolute capriciousness and unpredictability are the effective [actual] principles of life in this time.} ([FB], extract from Falko Blask: "I want fun",, 3.1.1997)

What is unpredictable, is also unreliable. No complementing structure relates humans lovingly, avoids conflict and struggle, which {proliferates without} {obstacles}. Only what is harder and more glaring [shriller], is noticed in the racket [din], {attracts attention}. In {crisis of sense} self-searching surrendered to the moods and {capriciousness} of alienated egos, the {atomized} ego is vulnerable ({prone}), {disconcerted}.

{For more than every tenth a brutal act is a means to uphold the disconcerted ego, "because only this way you attract attention"} (Spiegel, 3/1996, 15.1.1996)

Not only the extent of aggression has a new quality, but also that so many are affected, that there are no natural barriers [limits]. Nothing exists to be protected, is worth of protection. Powers of senseless destruction appear in film and life.

{The intrusion of unexpected horror into usual daily life is obviously more menacing} than before. ([FB], p. 24)

{that they might get on like the cashier-ess at the filling station in ... 'Butterfly kiss', which at first encounters appalled a stray-ess with the charisma of madness, roaming the country murdering, but finally participates enthusiastic in her bloody deeds.} (loc.cit.)

{Whereas in the middle of the 1980ties a third of the pupils declared to have commited at least one [indictable] violent offence, the latest questioned age group of 15-year-olds produced more than 50 percent of young malefactors. Above all the share of pupils from “Gymnasium”, [the highest of three school types,] rose to a degree, that they reached the level of rudeness and robberies of the least educated ...} (Spiegel 51/1996, 16.12.1996)

This is not caused by poverty or broken social surroundings, but by femancipated life of upper and middle class. Our identity breaks into an isolated ego. Moreover everything is broken, which can make complement, relate sexes and groups, found a reliable complement [completion] and for-each-other and can protect.

{They live the excess of ego-cult and elbow-mentality, the Q-factor. They have escaped all social norms.} ([FB])

Relation [connection] is viewed only as oppressive rule. The ego is alienated from others, easily seems to be threatening, is envied instead of loved. Where only the (“gender” neutral) ego matters, everything depends on moods of strange egos and therefore on coincidences. The result is a complicated, arduous chaos of conflicting competing interests.

{... flourishs the unalloyed callousness towards all social relations and lets sprout completely new cold... we experience the revolt of the “sociopaths”, who pounce on the interhuman din of battle} ([FB])

Similarly “der Spiegel” (leading weekly magazine in area)

{expects a “storm of juvenile violence”, especially as many are unstable: “fatherless, godless and jobless” [unemployed] ... A feeling of belonging to they can only find in a clique [or surrogate ideology like extremism, feminism and other sects], which offers very little emotionally, but pressurizes strongly towards conformity ... The small ego, which revolves convulsively [frantically] around itself, does not shun to take advantage of [revenge on] others.} (Spiegel 3/1996, 15.1.96)

The sexes are alienated, pulled out of their connection. Their identity is broken, the ego {belongs to} nowhere, {revolves convulsively} around own problems, wants {to take advantage and revenge}. Fatherless, superfluous, useless, disconsolate. Degraded, derided, fought, disrooted.

Feminists revolve furiously in ideological insinuations of invented suppression, which consists of not everything dancing to their dogmas, the reality not always being conform to their ideology.

Their destructive principles must become scale of all lifes, the entire reality, which unfortunately often maliciously evades their grip.

Overdue! Waited for!

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