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Decades of Feminist Censorship

Even women from the USA write that reports and information disagreeing with feminism (antifeminist) are ignored or hidden. (If they come about at all!)

« Feminist propaganda dominates the media, workplace, and educational system, while anti-feminists are either ignored or berated for being “unfair”, “barbaric”, or “politically incorrect”. As a result, almost all important antifeminist contributions are hidden from most people... Has feminist rhetoric been forced upon you? Has antifeminist knowledge been kept from you? » (Amy Chavez,

It must be added that real critiques of feminism are rare. Many people don't dare to work on it or stop before touching a taboo zone or a central dogma. The objectivity of science has been broken. Science has been perverted into a giant propaganda maschinery. (proofs in: Les deux Sexes) The hourly overload of loud and massive feminist propaganday is unprecedented in all areas of life, in the media and even in the entertainment industry. (see our research book: violent women, revenge and murder as “life aid”)

Even in the beginning of the feminist propaganda campaign, the extreme—at that time tiny—feminist minority was presented excessively in the media. In spite of that it complained furiously at the same time about imputed neglect by the media. (e.g. Gloria Steinem, Outrageous Acts and Everydays Rebellions) With verbal karate and unfair tricks, the last advocates of a tolerant, natural and cultivated world were knocked out.

«effort to develop and disseminate rhetorical shock tactics designed to confuse, overpower, and humiliate their adversaries. These tactics were popularized through essays like “Verbal Karate” in the influential Sisterhood Is Powerful (1970). The mentality of this effort is nowhere better expressed than in the title of Gloria Steinem's Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1982), which is laden with such advice. » (Nicholas Davidson, The Failure of Feminism, 1988, p. 343-348, )

As a result: of ancient preference of women in media (see our research) the media tilted into radical feminism. An ideology wrong and totalitarian from the beginning was established. The purpose was to erase all other opinions, natural life and healthy relations:

« “We must startle them (flush them out) again and again and destroy them as a power, until even their last voice falls silent... when we have destroyed the cell of family, the heterosexual norm ... as our contribution to world events (world history)” wrote a revolutionary french feminist. » (Françoise d'Eaubonne, feminism or death, 1974 {reprint by women's offensive 1981}, p. 154)

Already at that time their aim was silencing or wiping out all opposing views! In spite of that many manipulated men and women (“real feminists”) still think that the feminist ideology was progressive! The destruction of nature was already preached in the era of radical eco-feminism.

“There's an analogy here with antifeminists who are excluded from discussions”- admitted unwillingly by this text. An important fact, for the longest time not taken seriously.

My teachers were all feminists, even the men.

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