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Resources on Sex Differences

This list is given "as it is" resulting from searches. Linking does not include any rating.

Sex Differences in Mental Rotations

More about the difference of the sexes.

Sex Differences in Communication

Sex Differences in Language

Human Sex Differences in Carrying Behaviour: A Replication

Sex differences ... in childhood and youth. (in German)

Mortality Differences by Sex. One (feminist?) woman blames cigarettes, but then you read the difference was small in 1900 and lowest status female are still better of than highest status males.

“The analysis also found that women reported victimization more frequently than men”

Study Show Biological Basis for Gender Roles

Diferencias entre hombres y mujeres

More links and literature on sex differences. This useful list I mention in spite of some doubts. The recommended second link seems to be dubious. It refers an author which may be questionable for reasons not related to sexes, women or our topic.

See our site and books for arguments not based on difference and individual. Even then such facts will enhance the argument.

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