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Gallery of feminist Hate-Pictures

Terrorist with skulls and bones

Man as target for shooting

Man as jumping jack - frog, pulled at penis (and feeler or eye) .

To break a hammer she uses the head of men.

(on site shown when selecting: “characters” –> “hothead”)

Woman“power” with battle-axe

Splash, splash! It's raining men! Slap!

“I luv you and I hate guys (Yuk!) I thought it was wrong of me to hate them until I read your comic.”

“I think you should stab their testicles with a ballpoint pen, draining them of their acidy, poisonous fluid.” Love, Hothead Reply of hothead paisan web site. Love has been perverted to a femi-nazi hate-storm.

“And thanks to ... for letting us print some of Valerie Solanas' SCUM (Society for Cutting up Men) Manifesto.”

‘Valerie Solanas explains why males should “go off to the nearest friendly suicide center where they will be quickly and painlessly gassed to death.”’ SCUM - see one of the some 50 copies linked above, or The Church of Euthanasia. By the way - nobody is reading subtle critics of the ideology, which is even much more important. How to awaken indoctrinated minds? That's almost impossible!

Because this is against men some people pretend it would be funny.

Gallery of Feminist Hate.

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