Feminism, Sadism, Hatred for Men and Murderous Mysticism

“NEWS from the OWK - actual information on the living in the OWK, events held, auction of slaves, dates of trials and sentences passed on subject, demand for slaves, complete descriptions and price list of accommodation and services provided in the OWK, regulations and public notices of Her Highness the Queen, information from the backstage of the Queen's Palace and many more interesting things from the matriarchal slave-holding monarchy, the OWK.” (http://www.owk.cz/start.html Men may only enter for being humiliated and whipped. They use masochistic perversions and threaten those, who cite from their domain, which is an illegal restriction of press and freedom of speach.)

It may not be forgotten, that feminists invented such movements as well as the radically wrong inputation, that anything alike would have ever been done to women by some society. Such propaganda with horror stories had the purpose to strengthen their ideology wrong from ist roots onwards. Now their ideology has overrun, confused and lead stray generations. The extreme contrast of a world of love which culture has been - and men hating fantasies up to murder (even collective) may not be covered up.

“You are the melting man / And as you melt
You are beheaded / Handcuffed in lace, blood and sperm
Swimming in poison / Gasping in the fragrance
Sweat carves a screenplay / Of Discipline and Devotion

(found on the Net)

The deadly side of ill imaginations, which are cunningly marketed as ‘sex desires’, is repeatedly mentioned.

“Une tribu essentiellement composée de femmes oblige les hommes à avoir des rapports sexuels, puis les tuent.” (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/alain.bertrand/dea.htm) (Jean-Marie Grassin)

in English: “A tribe consisting of women forces men to sexual intercourse and kills them afterwards.

A fantasie spread by a masochistic man supporting radical feminism. (He links many sites of gynarchists, lesbians and dominas who want to enslave men completely.) For such stuff he is professor at a University, and his destruction of men is done and payed as ‘scientific research’! Whereas objective science and sound critique have been abolished and are even censored! He himself knows of the irrationality of his source:

“L'appréciation occidentale de l'époque (française, notamment) ne manque pas d'intérêt car la subjectivité des commentateurs (militaires de retour, journalistes, etc.) est influencée visiblement par leurs divers degrés de racisme, féminisme, esprit colonialiste, etc...” (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/alain.bertrand/dea.htm)

in English: “The western appreciation of the epoch (especially in France) has no lack of interest [in amazons], because the subjectivity of the commentators (returning [colonial] soldiers, journalists, etc.) is evidently influenced by different degrees of rassism, feminism, colonial attitude etc...”

This a little lengthy sentence reveals that abnormally high interest exists because different kinds of irrationality, among them feminism and colonialism already characterized the people of the 1950s and 1960s, when the last colonial soldiers were returning from former colonies.

“Le commandant Mattéi affirme avoir rencontré d'autres Amazones” (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/alain.bertrand/dea.htm)

in English: “The commandant Mattéi assures to have met amazons”

Such subjective ‘informations’, more precisely fantasies, mix all irrationalities and ideologies of the 20th century, feminism at the centre.

Even towards women which are less men-hating the attitude is mean and violent.

© 1999 Jan Deichmohle

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